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Spacey Costume
Space Army


教授,在美国教中文和中英翻译。美国西弗吉尼亚大学博士,英文书《赛珍珠:一座横跨太平洋的文化桥梁》,七本翻译作品和300余篇杂文、评论、故事及诗歌的作者。在中央电视台主持播讲过Follow to Science中的The Marlows《马洛一家》英语教学片。


Professor teaching Chinese and English-Chinese translation in the United States. Ph.D. in English, West Virginia University. Author of Pearl S. Buck: A Cultural Bridge Across the Pacific and over 300 articles, reviews, stories and poems. Presented The Marlows, an English teaching program broadcast by CCTV in Beijing and Hong Kong.

Professor Liao Kang